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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Facility

Rimstock PLC is THE premier producer of aluminium road and race wheels in the United Kingdom. After significant recent investment, we can now boast the largest and most technically advanced processing facility of any British wheel producer. Our West Bromwich   site is now finely tuned to accommodate the specific requirements of the Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Market. All Plant and Process Systems are regularly audited and approved by OEM vehicle producers. NO OTHER wheel manufacturer or wheel refurbisher can offer this degree of confidence and NO OTHER wheel refurbisher can display certified OEM processes and approvals!
In partnership with a Globally approved OEM pretreatment system supplier, our fully automated aqueous emersion process ensures that 100% of each and every wheel is cleaned and rinsed prior to environmentally friendly chemical passivation.  After a final rinse in ultra-purified hot water, the wheel can be classed as ready to forward process.  The Pretreatment System as a whole is specification monitored and tested daily by internal and external trained chemists, thus ensuring the longevity and corrosion resistance requirements within the UK Market!
With zero or even basic poor pretreatment, alloy wheels will start to corrode, even UNDER the applied coating, very quickly! Thinking of using another wheel refurbisher? Ask them what pretreatment they use?
Controlled Handling Environment.
Part air conditioned enclosures in addition to intelligent use of positive and negative filtered air environments ensure that your cleaned and prepared wheels remain clean 'in-process'. In addition, critical handling points are managed by PLC driven self-learning robotic arms, specifically designed in conjunction with Rimstock Technical, in order to ensure the consistent visual quality of the finished product.
Application Of Coating System.
The Primary coating layer is a multi OEM approved electrostatically applied powder coating, colour coded to give the desired final colour finish. This coating technology provides excellent adhesion to the pretreated wheel surface in conjunction with a fine smooth surface layer after curing, essential for good colour basecoat appearance in multi-layer finishes.
After powder cure, initial visual quality assessment is made prior to continued processing via application of OEM approved Ultra-HQ liquid metal basecoat and GMA Powder Acrylic Lacquer.  In combination, these complementary coating layers ensure superb colour depth, clarity, gloss and levelling in addition to the ongoing provision of unsurpassed weathering, UV and corrosion resistance.
Rimstock are the ONLY Wheel Refurbishment Company to apply a comprehensive 12-month warranty. This can only be offered as a direct result of our externally audited Quality System and OEM approved process and traceability.
Quality – The First To Be The Best.
Rimstock Plc is one of the elite wheel suppliers' worldwide who are approved to the automotive standard QS9000. In addition the newly upgraded international standard ISO9001: 2002-TS16949, which is now the highest standard in the world. This demonstrates the Rimstock commitment and ability to employ class standards and practices in every aspect of its business.