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Yes, there are however additional costs involved due to small batch-process changes. Exact colour match can not be fully guaranteed in each and every case unless a second wheel is made available for colour matching purposes. Although we employ the same coatings as used when the wheel was originally produced, we have no control over how your other wheels were finally processed or indeed how they have weathered in service. Processing tolerance temperatures and other minor technical differences could result in the wheel not being a perfect match. If in doubt, please use the contact page so that we can provide accurate pricing and advice.
All wheels that are refurbished by Rimstock PLC follow a similar process to the one listed below, this process based on the refurbishment of a single piece cast aluminium silver finish wheel. There are other bespoke parts of the process if a wheel is to be diamond cut or polished:
A) The wheels are unpacked and valves, weights and any TPMS removed
B ) Wheels inspected on receipt ( Runout & distortion )
C ) Customer informed if required of disposition - level of damage etc
D ) Wheels sent for Chemical stripping
E ) Wheels Shot blasted & sandblasted where necessary
F ) Wheels CNC Machined or manual lathe repair
G ) Wheels straightened where required
H ) Wheels hand finished/linished - pre paint preparation
I ) SAM Pre-treatment - Chrome free - Environmentally friendly ( only UK company with such facilities for OEM standards )
J ) 3 Stage full Acrylic OEM High Solids High Cure Paint Technology - guaranteed to 12 month warranty
K ) Full OEM working quality standards, procedures and inspection in place to provide market leaders such as Lotus, Aston Martin, Bentley with quality service.
In West Bromwich in the West Midlands.
Addresses local to Birmingham we can collect and deliver, further away we have a next day courier service which is door to door.
Yes, but you need to call for a price.
Yes no problem, there is more of a time factor and you should phone for an exact quotation with your requirements.
Yes we offer a 12 month OE ( Original Equipment ) warranty on all our workmanship and coatings!
Yes, we can also source new tyres at trade prices if you are in need.
This depends on the wheel style, complexity and colour. Rimstock do not and will never perform a quick forecourt touch-up service! Each and every wheel is taken back to bare metal using a non-abrasive process and forward processed as if brand new. Typical waiting time is approx. 10 working days from receipt of wheels.
No problem! Rimstock can and will provide slave wheels! These can be shipped out to you or swapped on site at by our Rimstock Technicians. Please use the contact form and let us know the exact make, model and year of your car and will efficiently reply, using your preferred method,with our suitability options.
If you view your wheel and it is diamond cut it will have very fine lines across the surface of the wheel like a record. If you are unsure pleases email us a photo.
We offer full X ray and crack detection testing, please note that for a wheel to be crack detected it has to go through the full refurbishment process as it is a requirement to remove the coatings prior to crack detection.
The wheels that are for sale or exchange on the site are wheels that we have purchased, inspected and the put through the full refurbishment process.
Yes, we do however prefer you to contact us first, that way we can give you the full attention your enquiry needs.
No, we offer an exchange on like for like wheels, we will however consider taking genuine OE Wheels in part exchange for Team Dynamics wheels.