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Option 1

Go in to the ‘Products’ section of the site, identify and select the wheels you require in the click through menu, entering all your details.

Delivery of the exchange wheels shall be arranged, as will collection of your existing rims. You then have a 7 day window to complete the swap over and make your wheels available for collection.  

If you cannot find the wheels you have in the ‘Products’ section, it means we have no live exchange stock of that style at this time. This is not a problem and if you contact the AlloyXchange staff through the ‘Contacts’ section, they can give you accurate times for turning your wheels back in to first class condition. 

Option 2

If you are more comfortable speaking to someone and contacting direct, or have unique or technically challenging wheels. Simply go through the ‘Contacts’ section and you can communicate directly with our highly trained staff.